Environmental impact managementEnvironmental impact management

Environmental friendliness is an important element of VTB Group's corporate philosophy. Group companies reduce their negative impact on the environment through GREEN financing within their operations, by taking measures to improve the environmental efficiency of the business and administrative complex and by providing financial support for projects to preserve Russia's biodiversity.

"VTB Group adheres to the principles of environmental responsibility in all its activities. This is primarily a reduction of our own impact on the environment through the introduction of innovative technologies.

Thus, to improve energy efficiency at our facilities, we use LED light sources in the offices under construction and in the facilities already in operation.

Our standards are inverter air conditioners, smart occupancy sensors using infrared sensors to detect water and electricity consumption, high quality online uninterruptible power supplies.

Increase data centre energy efficiency is achieved through the use of modern air cooling systems.

We are reducing the recycling of used lead-acid batteries by introducing more environmentally friendly alternatives at our facilities for waste reduction.

And the volume of utilization of fluorescent lamps is reduced by replacing them with LED sources.

We rely on the same principles in our work with customers. Safety in terms of environmental impact is a priority, starting with the concept development stage of any of our projects. Successful business solutions can significantly reduce this impact. I am pretty sure that VTB’s financial support enables our partners to gain good standing, access cutting-edge technology, and comply with the highest environmental standards".

Oleg Knyazev Head of the Administrative Department, Senior Vice President

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