Talent Training and Development

The VTB Group offers employees ample opportunities for training and professional development.

Various training initiatives are regularly run across the Group, allowing our team members to gain new knowledge and skills so that they can realise their potential to the fullest.

The priorities for employee development in 2020 were determined by the objectives of the VTB Group's Development Strategy and corporate values, as well as the challenges of the new reality, which call for flexibility and a readiness to change, a stronger culture of leadership and efficiency, and greater digitalisation and customer focus.

In the reporting period, training became more adaptive, based on building an individual learning path taking into account the current knowledge, abilities and motivation of employees. The absolute majority of training programmes were transferred to the online format using new digital capabilities.

Training extends to all staff, from managers at various levels to employees, including front-office staff.

The average annual hours of training per Group employee totalled 39.5 academic hours . The largest volume of training for employees among the Group's companies was organised by VTB Bank. VTB Bank delivers 47.7 academic hours of training per employee, where 48.5% are e-learning courses. Over 64 thousand full-time employees received training in 2019.

Success Factors in the Development of VTB Bank Employees

Emphasis on corporate values and culture
Adaptive training based on employee personality
Harnessing new digital opportunities

Employee training system achievements

A significant achievement in 2020 was the implementation of the task of transferring training to an online format in order to ensure continuous and effective development of all categories of VTB personnel.

All new and current employees in our sales and support offices improved their professional qualifications and knowledge of the Bank's products and services: more than 7,236 new employees across the regional network received basic training.

A three-month online development marathon Study at Home was held to support work in a remote format. The key focuses of the marathon were determined by the current requests and needs of employees.

Employee training system achievements

Key focus areas of personnel training include adapting to work during the COVID-19 pandemic

Practices for preserving personal and team resourceful state 

Strengthening skills for building effective communications both within the team and with external customers

Tools for managing remote teams

Interaction using digital communication channels

thousand employees 47
have been trained, among them 18 thousand managers and 29 thousand specialists
webinars 390

New training programmes for VTB employees

Programmes from international business schools

Programmes tailored to the needs of the bank: in partnership with INSEAD on Innovation and Creating Value in Banking (two modules); in partnership with IMD on Team Management, Digital Transformation and Managing High Performance; a presentation by Jan Hagen, professor at the ESMT Berlin international business school on A New Look at Mistakes. How to manage a business in the face of uncertainty.



Advanced professional training for line managers of the regional network jointly with one of the leading business schools in Russia - the Graduate School of Management at St. Petersburg State University (GSOM SPbGU)


MBA programme with specialiSation in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship


Comprehensive training programME for deputy managers of regional branches for retail business in the Bank's regional network


Development programme for managers of IT divisions

Development of basic and advanced managerial skills for middle and line management


Pilot programme: training in sales of investment products


New manager school

Prompt and deep dive of newly hired line managers of the regional network in the corporate life of the Bank, familiarisation with the strategy, focus areas of business development, as well as with the key tools and technologies of personnel management


Training programME for employees of subsidiaries being integrated

Basic training on the key products and services of VTB Bank for employees of Vozrozhdenie Bank, Sarovbiznesbank and Zapsibkombank

employees of subsidiary banks

Training for cross-functional teams

Development programmes for cross-functional teams consisting of employees from business departments, IT teams and support departments


School of Speakers

Training of high-quality speakers, motivation of employees to hold internal meetings/workshops/master classes, creation of professional communities around expert speakers



Additional technical training when changing the technological stack in the areas of Java and React



Development of basic knowledge in the Agile area



An ecosystem of training for employees, with training topics determined by the needs and interests of the employees themselves


Cooperation with international business schools

In 2020, VTB Bank strengthened its partnerships with international business schools. Over 700 Bank managers attended courses at leading business schools, both open programmes and those adapted to the Bank's needs on relevant subjects. All programmes are implemented in a modern educational space using high-tech platforms that allow to design an effective learning process, close to full-time learning.

The managers chose the most interesting topics from the field of global expertise, interacted and exchanged experience with the heads of international global corporations.

Specialised personnel development programmes



Innovation and Value Creation in Banking



Digital Transformation and High Performance Management


ESMT and Harvard

Business School and ESMT Berlin:

Strategy and Management in Turbulent Times

Talent pooling

In 2020, the stage of selecting candidates for the management development programme for the Bank's regional network continued. The candidates underwent a multi-stage evaluation. The important selection criteria were the evaluation of performance and achievement of business indicators based on the results of 2019, the level of leadership potential development, and sharing of the Bank's values.

In 2020, 266 potential managers of the Bank's network became participants in the League of Champions succession pool programme. A development programme was launched for them, under which the succession pool members were trained at one of the world's leading business schools - the International Institute for Management Development (IMD, Switzerland). Professors from Stockholm School of Economics, Skolkovo School of Management in Moscow, the Higher School of Economics and other recognised external experts, as well as executives from the Bank, shared their experience with the programme participants.

All development programmes for succession pool members were specifically tailored to the nature of VTB Bank's business and were designed to be as applicable as possible. At the end of year 2020, 58 participants of the programme were promoted to higher positions.

Key areas of training for the Succession pool

  1. Business strategy and business expertise

  2. Risk management

  3. Customer experience management

  4. Strategic and systematic thinking

  5. Managing performance and teams in times of change