Ensuring Work SafetyEnsuring Work Safety

One of the VTB Group's most important social objectives is to ensure the right of employees to work safely.

The VTB Group occupational health and safety management system in place is aimed at creating a safe working conditions and protecting the health and life of employees.

As part of the Group's efforts to improve working conditions, occupational risk assessments and special assessments of labour conditions were carried out at 21,487 workplaces belonging to VTB Group companies in 2020.

In 2020, more than 24,240 employees of Group companies were trained in safe working techniques, as well as in the skills of providing first aid.

For the purpose of dynamic monitoring of health status, timely detection of diseases, initial forms of occupational diseases, early warning signs of occupational exposures to harmful and/or hazardous factors on the health of VTB Group employees, 1,050 employees underwent medical examinations.

In 2020, the VTB Group had 24 injuries of varying severity. Each case was investigated in accordance with statutory requirements, followed by an analysis of the causes of injury.

Occupational Health and Safety at VTB Group

In accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Policy, the priority areas for VTB Group companies in 2021 include:

Ensuring preservation of life and health of employees
1,050 1,050
people received preventive examinations
Meeting the statutory requirements of occupational health and safety
>24.2 24.2
thousand employees were trained in occupational health and safety
Improving and enhancing the effectiveness of the occupational health and safety management system based on analysis of workplace conditions combined with employee health assessment
21.5 21.5
thousand workplaces of employees of the Group's companies underwent special assessment of working conditions

Primary areas of occupational health and safety

  1. Occupational risk assessment
  2. Special assessment of working conditions at workplaces
  3. Training employees in safe work practices
  4. Mandatory medical examinations and certifications
  5. Investigation of accidents and subsequent analysis of their causes
  6. Development and annual update of an action plan to improve working conditions and occupational health and safety and reduce occupational risks

VTB Group’s accident frequency rates in 2018-2020


Lost-time accident frequency rate (the number of accidents per thousand employees)


Lost-time injury frequency rate (the number of accidents per million of hours worked)