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As one of the largest employers in the banking industry in the regions of its operation, VTB continuously improves its approaches to HR management, implementing the best and most efficient practices.

The key drivers behind this headcount growth (2.6%) were the ongoing strengthening of VTB's IT sector and the implementation of the 600 Day programme, which creates cross-functional teams to develop and implement services for process digitalisation and accelerated development of the Bank's products and sales channels.

Number of personnel of VTB Group as of 31 December 2020 (%)

Human Rights, Gender Equality, and Inclusion

VTB Bank fully complies with Russian labour legislation and ensures equal employment and career development conditions for all its employees, regardless of their gender, age or ethnicity.

VTB Bank’s Code of Ethics prohibits discrimination on political, religious, ethnic, gender, or other similar grounds in hiring, remunerating, and promoting employees. The Code of Ethics also prohibits securing unwarranted privileges or advantages in hiring, promoting, and rewarding employees.

VTB provides equal opportunities for men and women, creating equal conditions for training and career advancement. In 2020, women accounted for 33% of senior managers and 64% of all employees hired in the reporting period. The average number of training hours per Group employee was 39.5 academic hours : 37.3 academic hours for men and 40.4 academic hours for women. Fair remuneration and workplace equality are the purpose of a grading system the Bank put in place to objectively assess all jobs it offers.

Group companies take a responsible approach to meeting their statutory obligations to promote the employment of socially disadvantaged groups, including providing staffing positions to hire people with disabilities. In 2020, 142 people with disabilities are employed by the VTB Group.

VTB Bank operates an anonymous employee complaint hotline. In 2020, 21 complaints were filed in this way. The inquiries concerned issues of relations with the management and material incentives. All inquiries were dealt with and appropriate measures were taken as a result.

Priorities of VTB's Inclusion Policy

Equal career opportunities for women and men

Promoting employment of people with disabilities

Effective grievance mechanism