Corporate Culture and Internal Communications Corporate Culture and Internal Communications

A well-developed system of internal communications, as well as well-established mechanisms for interaction between key process participants, are the most important factors for the successful functioning of the Group's business.

In 2020, systematic work was carried out to digitise internal communications channels. The project to create a new intranet portal was completed. It was transformed into a single entry point to key corporate resources and self-service services for employees.

The technical capabilities of the new portal allow employees to quickly find relevant and structured information on a variety of requests from various devices - from a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The functionality of the personal account has been significantly expanded due to to self-service services. The employee can view the information of interest regarding registration of vacations, calculation of bonuses and salaries, social benefits, and other information on labour management.

The portal also developed a digital version of the Team Spirit corporate magazine, which significantly increased its readership.

As part of the development of our communication channels, we created a community of 200 ambassadors, who create an agenda and generate unique news content from all of VTB's locations in the Russian Federation.

Dialogue with employees and channels for feedback

An open dialogue with employees is one of the signs of the company's organisational maturity. As a result, in addition to the main internal communication channels, such as the intranet portal and the Team Spirit corporate magazine, the Group's companies actively use the tool for feedback from employees.

One of the main feedback channels is communication between employees and their direct supervisors.

Another important channel for structured feedback is the VTB Group's employee engagement survey, which is conducted every two years. The survey helps assess the quality of corporate culture and the system of internal communications, the effectiveness of training programmes, satisfaction with the level of salaries, as well as the degree of employee motivation and loyalty.

Based on the results of the 2019 survey, a number of initiatives were implemented in the reporting period aimed at increasing the level of employee engagement. Particular attention was paid to expanding professional development opportunities for employees and improving the efficiency of business processes. In 2021, it is planned to conduct another engagement survey and assess the results in dynamics.

Team Spirit corporate magazine
Team Spirit corporate magazine

Gravity, a portal for employee ideas


As part of the development of employee feedback channels, VTB created a special employee portal, Gravity, which can be accessed by any employee at the Bank. The portal is an online space where employees can publish their innovative ideas on optimising working processes and propose novel ideas on the development of the Bank and its products.

The aim of creating the portal was not only to find new, original development ideas, but also to break down boundaries and give every employee at VTB Bank a voice in the process.

In 2020, over 20 thousand employees joined the portal, publishing 2.5 thousand ideas. Of these, over 70 were approved for implementation, while eight ideas have already been implemented in 2020. About 50 more ideas are planned for implementation in 2021.

thousand Bank employees 20
joined the portal in 2020
thousand ideas 2.5

In addition to working with ideas of employees, the Gravity portal develops a number of projects aimed at strengthening communication between employees, developing corporate culture and internal communications, as well as increasing personnel motivation.

Key projects of the portal

Requests from departments

Ability to collect ideas from all employees on how to solve the challenges faced by the Bank's branches

Innovation digest

Weekly email newsletter for all portal users

VTB Readers' Club

Reviews of books read on the development of creativity, leadership, personal performance management, modern project management methods

Innovative Youth Club

A community for young employees to discuss and develop their ideas

Contests for employees

In 2020, the portal hosted five contests, where about one thousand people took part