Ensuring employee safety due to the COVID-19 pandemicEnsuring employee safety due to the COVID-19 pandemic

From the first reports of a threat of mass morbidity, VTB took measures to protect employee health, preventing the possibility of the spread of infection.

First and foremost, more than 20 thousand employees were transferred to work remotely as soon as possible and a procedure for temperature measurement at entrances to offices was introduced. Every week, mandatory testing was conducted for employees who continued to work in our Moscow and St. Petersburg headquarters. Employees who came into contact with ill colleagues were also tested. In total, VTB Bank employees were tested over 128.9 thousand times in 2020.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, employees have received regular newsletters informing them of the work format, the quota of employees working in the office, and the testing procedure for coronavirus infection. The internal corporate portal posted materials on how to connect to a remote workplace, and an algorithm for the employee's actions in case of COVID-19 disease was developed and published. As official data became available, employees were informed in a timely manner about the possibility of vaccination in all regions of the Russian Federation.

Daily monitoring of employee morbidity was carried out in order to organize prompt medical care. Medical experts were engaged to provide professional advice on employee safety. In addition to state medical care, additional assistance was provided through voluntary health insurance (VHI), especially for the most complicated cases of employee illnesses.

thousand tests 128.9
for employees
million RUB 454
allocated for social programmes to support employees in the fight against COVID-19
Daily morbidity monitoring
Daily morbidity monitoring